Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Are your brothers cool?

I was watching Evangel as she set up the cards for our card game. The game that you play and she tells you the rules as you go. As I was watching her I said "I wish I was cool and could do card tricks for you but I don't know any." She was quiet for a moment as she continued setting out the cards in random piles. Without looking up she asks, "Are your brothers cool?" Hahaha oh how I love my job

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We just got back from my first mini-road trip since I have moved to Florida. It was a rather exciting experience. We went to visit a friend in the hospital two hours away and on the way we had the most interesting conversation. While we were driving we started to smell something gross. It smelled like a skunk so we started talking about skunks. Sarah asked Michael why skunks smell. And he told us that they lift up their tails and spray out this slimy green stuff and that is what makes you smell. Haha I was laughing so hard tears were coming to my eyes. He couldn’t remember who told him that so I’m going to guess and say he saw it on TV. :P

Monday, January 3, 2011

crazy day!

Thursday morning I woke up thinking it would be like any other day. Well I was wrong.  When I came downstairs the downstairs smelled like poop, come to find out it was the cat. At 5:30 in the morning the cat was bugging Sarah and wouldn’t let her sleep so she put her out in the hallway and shut the door. Well then the extremely mischievous cat started jumping and clawing at the door knob which isn’t exactly easy to sleep through. Sarah put her further down the hall in the cat carrying case in hopes to be able to sleep.  The cat then proceeded to go to the bathroom in the carrying case and then lay in it. Sarah had to give the cat a bath, which the cat did NOT agree with. While Sarah was in the bathroom giving the cat a bath I went up stairs. Michael had a friend stay the night before so I went in to check on them playing. As I walked in the room reeked of urine so strong you just wanted to choke. I asked the kids while the room smelled and they didn’t know. I let the dog out just in case he had to go really bad and maybe it had been him, then I headed up to the room again to see if I can find any wet spots. I couldn’t find anything that would cause that smell. I headed downstairs wondering how to tell Sarah that not only does the downstairs smell like poop but the upstairs smells like pee. She came out of the bathroom holding a very wet cat in a towel, dried the cat off and then looked at all of her battle wounds from giving the cat a bath. I told her that Michael’s room smelled and she asked if it smelled like and an animal did it or a human. When I started to think about it I realized unfortunately that it was probably human. As she was standing in the kitchen looking and all of her cat scratches it dawned on me that it had been mentioned that Michael’s friend had a bladder problem. “A bladder problem?” I asked as it came to me. Sarah looked at me,” Yeah, have them go to the bathroom.” I run upstairs and tell them all to go to the bathroom. I went over to where Michael’s friend had slept on the couch and lifted up the blanket to find a pretty big wet spot on two of the leather couch cushions. He had an accident during the night and was too embarrassed to tell anyone so he walked around in wet clothes all morning. We had him take a bath and we washed all his stuff. Sarah was searching the internet to find out how to clean pee off a leather couch. She found that tea tree oil is a great cleaner and we had just happened to buy some recently. We got all excited that we had found what was said to be a good cleaner to clean the couch. She continued to read about it and found that it is harmful to cats and they can die from tea tree oil. As if our day wasn’t crazy enough she realized she had just washed the cat in a tea tree pet shampoo. This discovery prompted a call to the vet. They said to bring her in, where they decided to keep her all day to observe her. Thankfully the cat was fine. I thought it was going to be a normal day.
Note: All of these events occured before 10 am

Monday, December 27, 2010

Frank call

This morning I walked into Evangels room to put away laundry. She was lying in her bed and Michael was sitting beside the bed watching her. “What’s wrong Evangel?” I asked.
“I’m tired,” she said.
Michael sitting there looking exasperated shook his head and said, “We had an argument,” he took a deep breath and then started his long winded explanation. “And I really think that she is trying to Frank call me because she was fine a few minutes ago, and she wasn’t tired at all. But then we were fighting and now she’s mad but saying that she’s tired.”
I must say that I was only half listening to the second half because my brain froze at the frank call and I was trying not to laugh while he was telling me something that he thought was serious.  Oh the things kids say……

Monday, December 6, 2010

Professional Driver

“That lady was eating while she was driving,” Evangel said while we were driving down the road.
 “It’s not illegal for people to eat while they are driving,” Michael matter -of-factly told Evangel.
“Did you know that it is illegal to talk on your cell phone in Oregon while you are driving?” I asked Michael.
“Yeah it’s illegal here too, unless you are a professional driver,” Michael said.
Evangel was quiet and then asked, “Is mommy a professional driver?”
“Yes! She can drive with her knees!” Michael said like it was the coolest thing in the world. And it was then that I decided I want to be a professional driver when I grow up. Hahahaha

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pig Butt

The other morning Sarah bought a cooked Boston butt and it was so moist it just fell apart. So of course we had pork sandwiches for dinner. After we were done Sarah asked Evangel if she had a pig in her tummy.
“No.” Evangel said.
“Yes you do. Actually you have a pig butt in your tummy,” Sarah said.
We were all laughing. “Go tell daddy that you have a pig butt in your tummy,” Sarah told her.
Evangel headed down the hallway to the office laughing as Nana, Joy, Sarah and I sat at the table listening.
“Daddy,” Evangels voice said down the hall. “Mommy said to tell you that I…..” she paused as though she wanted to laugh because she knew she was saying something funny. “….have a pig (pause) BUTT in my tummy.” We didn’t hear his response because we were all laughing so hard.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Are you going to write that down?

Today I told Evangel that I write stories about the things we do and put it on the internet. I told her that people read what I write about us. She laughed and looked at me like she didn’t believe me and went back to drawing.
She must have believed me because 5 minutes later she said something funny and I laughed. She looked toward the paper I had been writing on and said “Are you going to write that down?”